Low Maintenance, Drought Tolerant Landscaping Front & Backyard Designs in Colorado Springs, CO

Low maintenance yards can be easy to design and easier to maintain when done correctly. The concept of low maintenance can vary depending on the person, which is why Sundown Landscaping will share a few low maintenance landscaping ideas that you can do to your front or back yard that will fit your personal taste.

Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Throughout the state of Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing drought which put a hurt on many landscaping plants. When planning and designing a landscape, consider Xeriscaping which is a “dry landscape.” There are many ways you can cut your landscape watering needs by half or more with drought-resistant plants and ornamental features. Landscape rock comes in a variety of colors and with the right plants can really set off any yard.

Landscape Design with Native Plants

Exotic plants may look beautiful and are often used in landscaping. However they typically need more maintenance since they are not native. Therefore, they need more care in order to thrive in the regional soil. The sunlight’s position also plays a major role. If you want less maintenance and a thriving landscape consider using plants that grow naturally within your region. You can help save yourself time and money in not needing to use special fertilizers and finding the right time to water.

Color Contrast in Landscape Design

You can design a very open landscape which can reduce the amount of maintenance by using color contrasts. For example use lighter colors next to darker colors. A lush green plant in a white rock bed can look very clean especially when the plant is properly spaced out. Planters and walkways that contrast with the color of the landscape is often used to help make yards look clean and open but interesting at the same time.

Add a Living Space to Your Backyard

Adding a cooking, dining or lounge area outside your home can take a lot of space which reduces the need for landscaping. When you want less yard work consider adding a fire pit with seating, or an outdoor kitchen with a dining area outside your home. You can also add gazebos, decks, or cabanas for those with pools. Back yards can include a spa area or a kitchen play ground. All can be tastily done and they take up space which means less yard work.

Use Rocks or Artificial Grass in Landscaping

For those who want an open area for kids to play such as grass but don’t want the maintenance that comes with grass, artificial grass is the way to go. Artificial grass is easily cleaned and provides the same soft surface as grass. For those who are looking to cover up the dirt but don’t want grass another option is ground cover rocks. There are a ton of landscaping rocks that come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

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When you are looking for ways to design your yards and you want low maintenance, consider using any one of these ideas. If you need help designing a perfect low maintenance landscape, contact Sundown Landscaping. We provide landscape design and installation. To schedule our services, call us today.