What are the Pros of Xeriscaping in Colorado Springs, CO; Benefit the Environment & More

Xeriscaping is the process of creating a landscape that requires little to no watering. It is all about designing a sustainable space based on your specific region and climate but it certainly does not mean getting rid of all your turfgrass. Rather, it means rethinking where you need it, how much you need, and whether you can replace some of it with a more drought-friendly option. It you want to avoid seeing your water bill skyrocket this summer, you should definitely consider xeriscaping your yard. Sundown Landscaping outlines some of the benefits below.

Xeriscaping Water Conservation

Xeriscaping is key for water conservation. Native plants require much less water than turfgrass, and many don’t need any additional water at all. It is estimated that within 50 years, many regions of the U.S. could see their freshwater supply reduced by as much as one third. Xeriscaping alleviates the potential for water shortages as when less water is used on lawns, more water can be conserved for drinking. In addition, when you use less water, you help preserve the quality of reservoirs, water treatment plants, and aquifers. That means that you and other taxpayers do not have to spend as much on damage repairs and restructuring.

Save Money on Water & Lawn Maintenance Bills with Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping can reduce your water bill by up to 80 percent! Plus, when you choose native plants for your yard, you can avoid the expenses of gas to fill your lawn mower or fertilizer for your grass. This is because native plants used in xeriscapes are specially adapted to your region, so you will not need to apply fertilizer or harmful pesticides. Rock cover also decreases your need for chemical treatments. Xeriscaping can decrease your yearly lawn maintenance costs by an impressive 85+ percent. A strong xeriscape design confines your grass to one zone so you can water, fertilize, and mow as needed within that space. The rest of your yard can flourish with few or no additional costs. Native plants and rocks cost a lot less than sod and artificial grass. Particularly if you are struggling to grow a traditional green lawn, xeriscaping is a low-maintenance and cost-effective alternative.

Cash for Grass

A new turf replacement program, set to roll out in Colorado in 2023, will pay to convert some of the grass in urban areas and residential yards into more water-efficient landscaping. This is the first time the State of Colorado has dedicated funds expressly to turf replacement and it is an important step to increase water conservation. Sundown Landscaping applauds Colorado State in their efforts to transform landscaping in response to climate change and reduced water availability.

Xeriscaped Lawns Increase Property Values & Attract Potential Home Buyers

Xeriscaping can increase your property value by an estimated 14 percent, and it’s appeal is growing in popularity as a more sustainable type of landscaping. If you are looking to increase your property value, boost your curb appeal and catch the eye of potential home buyers, consider xeriscaping.

Low Maintenance Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping means so much more than less watering. It also translates to less mowing and weeding too. This gives you more time to relax and do what you love over the weekend instead of laboring in your yard. In general, drought-tolerant ground covers, perennial flowers, succulents, shrubs, and trees require infrequent watering and some rugged native plants do not need any watering at all once they are established. While xeriscapes are not totally maintenance-free, you can put the mower away and give the weeding gloves a rest!

Xeriscaping Promotes Biodiversity & Is Better for the Environment

As many native animals and insects face habitat loss, your xeriscape can be the home and food source they need. Native plants attract welcoming pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and birds. This means you will soon have a colorful show in your own backyard once you xeriscape your lawn.

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Xeriscapes are great for conserving water and energy, and they are also simply beautiful. Many homeowners choose to xeriscape because gardening brings them joy and they love spending time in a soothing space filled with flowers, butterflies and beautiful stones. Sundown Landscaping can assist you in planting a rock garden, designing an edged patio, creating a wildflower-filled sanctuary and other xeriscaping features that might just inspire your neighbors to follow your example. Call us for a consultation today!